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Of the best fungicides available to treat anthracnose, three-chemical classes are most effective as a curative measure...

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Technology in Turf

April 2nd, 2018

"Take the guess work out of course conditioning" 

As a superintendent, you regularly hear comments such as ''gree...

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The massive ice storm of 2013 in Michigan and its devastating fallout across surrounding states set researcher Emily Merewitz, Ph.D., graduate student Kevin Laskowski and their team on a path to discover how Superintendents can better protect their turf moving into ...

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During an Intelligro™ luncheon hosted at the Golf Industry Show (GIS), Dr. Ben McGraw, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University tackled a topic that is top of mind for many Superintendents. The Annual Bluegrass Weevil (AB...

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It’s budget season again! (Not that you ever really get a break from budgeting.) The difference is that this year—unlike othe...

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Article by Ian Collins

With the risk of disease, drought and other unfavourable conditions compliment...

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Great turf is something you cultivate and grow. But now, in many cases, talent isn’t something you develop over time – it’s something you find.  According...

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